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Proxy Server Info and Options

Proxy Server Login

Why is a proxy server needed? How does it work?

Most of the databases and ejournals provided by Washington University Libraries are on the Web but are not free. We purchase access to them from companies. Our agreements with them limit access to current WU students, faculty, and staff. If you are not on the WU campuses, the companies do not know that you are affiliated with the University, so you are denied access.

If you don't log in before you begin, you should be presented with the proxy login screen at whatever point you would need to log in when using the Library website from off-campus. You should not be challenged again for your ID and password - until you turn off your computer, or close your browser. Need help with your WUSTL Key or password? Here's more info.

If you access library resources from off-campus frequently, you can bookmark the Proxy Server Login page in your web browser, and start from that logon, if you wish. When you start from that URL (rather than clicking on a URL for a specific resource in the website or in Find it!, etc.), you'll be directed to the Library homepage after logging in. You'll know you are 'proxied' when you see 'libproxy.wustl.edu' in the first part of the URL in your browser's address bar, like this: Browser address bar, proxied
If you type in a new URL in the browser’s address box you will leave the proxy service.

More options:

Proxy it! Bookmarklet: add this bookmarklet to your web browser, and send webpages through the proxy server with one click. More info, and download it!

Directing links through the proxy server: If you maintain pages of links, or wish to put 'proxied' URLs into Ares or Blackboard please visit Directing Links Through the Proxy Server for information. Putting your links in the proper format means WU people using your webpage(s) will be able to reach those resources from on-campus or off.

When using Google Scholar:
Use our WU-proxied Google Scholar link on or off campus. Login with your WUSTL key to authenticate your status. This will give you Get it! @ WU and Web of Science links, etc.
Use the LibX Toolbar or the Proxy it! bookmarklet (above), to reload a link or a page via the proxy server. After you login, you will have Get it! @ WU and Web of Science links, etc.

Set your Scholar Preferences to show Get it! @ WU links (and other library holdings symbols, if selected) next to the titles in your results. Note: This will not give you WU-specific access, such as Web of Science links, unless you are on campus or authenticate with one of the options above. To set preferences in Google Scholar:

  1. Click the "Settings" link in Google Scholar. If you don't see a Settings link, look for a pull down.
  2. Select "Library links" on the left side of the page.
  3. Under the heading "Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries)" type washington into the search field for WU-related library links.
  4. Click the checkbox in front of 'Washington University in St Louis - Get it! @ WU' and click the Save button.

Please use this form to let us know if you run into any sites that you can’t access – especially if they are electronic resources that you would get through the Libraries.