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Computing Services at the Libraries

Printing & Copying Services

The Libraries provide printing and scanning services to members of the Washington University community (students, faculty, and staff) using color, multi-function printers located throughout the Libraries. These devices provide print and copy services at the same price. Printing is available from all PCs in the Libraries and from personally owned computers with the proper drivers installed.


Printing/Copying Costs
Print and copy charges will be:
  • Black & white, single sided -- $0.04 per image
  • Black & white, two-sided* -- $0.06 per sheet ($.03 per image**)
  • Color, single sided -- $0.25 per image
  • Color, two-sided -- $0.40 per sheet ($0.20 per image)

*Default print and copy settings are set to black & white, two-sided. Users may choose other options as desired.

**An image is all printing on one side of a sheet of paper. 

Check your PaperCut Account Balance


Printing From Library Computers
Computers in the Library have one print queue installed which allows users to print to library multi-function printers.


The default print queue is "\\\wulib-print". This queue can be used to print to any multi-function printer in the Libraries. This queue is set to print black & white, two-sided. Users can change printer properties to print single-sided or to print color, either single-sided or two-sided.

Visit Instructional Videos/Help Sheets for more information.


Printing From Personally-owned Computers in the Libraries
Printing from personally-owned computers in the Libraries is available provided you have installed the proper software which is available on the STS web site.