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Digital Signage

Submission Guidelines

Once you have made sure your slide meets all of the requirements outlined below, please email the file to dbb@wumail.wustl.edu.


Designing Your Slide

When designing your slide, it is important to remember that it will be on screen for only 7 seconds. Make sure the slide does not contain too much text so it can be scanned quickly for key information.

Examples of well-designed slides
Examples of poorly-designed slides


Slide Format

  • Choose the 16:9 on-screen ratio in PowerPoint (NOT 4:3). Find this option on the "Design" tab, under "Page Setup." PowerPoint Image Preparation Instructions
  • Save as an individual PowerPoint slide and attach the .ppt file to your e-mail to dbb@wumail.wustl.edu, along with a note about the days it should be on display.

Submission Deadline

  • All submissions are due by Friday at 8 a.m. for display the next week, starting on Monday.
  • All submissions display for one week unless otherwise specified.