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Creating Links to Classic Catalog Records and Searches


General syntax for links to the Classic Catalog
Special procedures for some ebook and ejournal records




This page shows you how to make links to specific items or searches in the Washington University Libraries Classic Catalog for your own web pages or bookmarks. Note there is a separate page of instructions for Primo.

We expect this function will be especially useful to faculty and teaching assistants as they are making web pages that contain a course syllabus and/or course bibliographies. If you find other uses you'd like to share or have questions about this procedure, please use the Comments form or call the Help Desk at (314) 935-5410.


General syntax for links to the Classic Catalog

http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/[INDEX TAG HERE]?[SEARCHTERM/S HERE]

  • Some common index tags are:
    d for Subject
    t for Title
    a for Author
    X for Keyword - note: this must be cap. "X"
    c for Call Number
    r for Reserve Course
    p for Course Instructor
    o for OCLC Number
    i for ISSN or ISBN
  • Replace spaces in search terms with plus signs (+)
  • Use the pipe character (|) to "untruncate" a search (useful when calling up individual records or picking subjects/authors/titles out of a browse)
  • Sometimes you CAN do a search in the Classic Catalog and copy the URL you see in your browser's LOCATION window. This URL will work for awhile, but this a BAD idea for long-term use, because the URL will contain number references to the browse screen which will change when additions are made to the catalog. Such URLs are also longer than they need to be.
        BAD LINK:
  • It is better to create a URL following the syntax above. For links to specific items in the Catalog, choose searches that will retrieve ONLY that item, such as a call number, ISBN or OCLC Number. To learn the OCLC Number, view the "MARC Display" and use the 001 field. Add a | (pipe sign) if the link retrieves more than one item.
        GOOD LINKS:
        http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/c?PS3562E42B4+1991 OR http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/o?23194482



You want to link to a specific record.
http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/c?PS3562.E48+C48+2003 OR http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/o?8109967
Changing Planes, by Ursula LeGuin OR The Compass Rose: Short Stories, by Ursula LeGuin (using OCLC Number)
You want to link to a specific term in a subject browse.
Do a subject search and add the | (pipe sign):
Chinese Agriculture
You want to link to a general subject browse screen.
Do a subject search WITHOUT the | (pipe sign):
Chinese Agriculture
You want to link to holdings of a specific author.
Do an author search:
http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/a?Hugo,+Victor,+1802-1885 (sometimes you may want to add the | (pipe sign) at the end)
Washington University materials by Victor Hugo
You want to link to course reserve lists.
Biology Course Reserve Lists http://catalog.wustl.edu/search/r?biology
Use the "Permanent URL for this record:" which each record in the Classic Catalog has:
http://catalog.wustl.edu/record=b1241516~S2; the ~S2 is optional.


Special procedures for some ebook and ejournal records

Put your mouse on WUSTL full text link. If the link begins with http://je5qh2yg7p.search.serialssolutions.com we do not recommend using the ‘Permalink URL for this record.’ Instead link directly to the  eresource. One way to find the direct link:

  1. click on Marc Display button
  2. copy the URL from the 866 40 field near the bottom of the display. For example:

856 40 |zWUSTL full text|uhttp://libproxy.wustl.edu/
URL to use in your links is everything after “|u”, for example: http://libproxy.wustl.edu/login?url=http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/1-4020-3419-9