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EndNote FAQ

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Questions & Answers about EndNote

What is EndNote?
EndNote is a commercially available software program, available for Windows and Mac, used to manage bibliographic citations. Time-saving features allow you to transfer groups of references retrieved from online bibliographic databases into your EndNote library and create bibliographies in a variety of formats using Microsoft Word or other word processor.
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How do I get EndNote?
The EndNote program is available for sale from the Campus Bookstore and other places where software is sold. You can download a full-featured trial version of EndNote for free to try for 30 days.
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How do I use EndNote?
See EndNote Product Training, including links to online tutorials.
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What is an EndNote Library?
A Library is a collection of references. When you open the EndNote program, you are asked to select a reference library. You can create multiple libraries, which may contain references for different papers or subjects.
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How do I transfer groups of citations from a database search?
What is the difference between Import and Connect?

You can add citations from a bibliographic database to your EndNote library through the Import feature and the Connect feature.

When Importing search results, you download records from a database, save them to a file and use an Import filter to transfer the downloaded records into your EndNote library (see EndNote Import Filters for more information).

EndNote's Connect feature allows you to search an online database using EndNote's search interface. Not all databases support this feature (see EndNote Connection Files for more information).
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Can I transfer references from the WU Library Catalog to EndNote?
An EndNote connection file is available which allows you to search the WU Library Catalog through the EndNote program and transfer records from directly to EndNote. Searching the Catalog through EndNote is not as flexible as searching using the standard Catalog interface. For more information, see the connection files page.
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How do I import search results from WU Library databases?
You first save the results of a search in a format EndNote can understand, and then use the Import command to transfer the citations to an EndNote library. See the import filters page for specific directions on using import filters with WU Library databases.
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How do I use EndNote with my word processer to create a bibliography?
If you use later versions of Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac, EndNote installs commands in your word processor to integrate the two programs. EndNote is also compatible with numerous other word processors, RTF, and HTML.

To use EndNote to cite references in a paper and then create a bibliography for the paper, you insert the necessary citations from your EndNote library into the text of your word processing document. When you have completed the paper, you select a bibliographic style (e.g. Chicago, APA, JAMA) and tell EndNote to "format" a bibliography for the paper. EndNote scans the paper, finds the citations you pasted, modifies the in-text citations and adds a formatted bibliography to the end of your paper.
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What bibliographic styles can I use to format my paper?
EndNote comes with hundreds of bibliographic styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago) for formatting your citations. To find and preview available styles, you can browse the Output Styles by the name of a journal or style guide publication.
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Does EndNote work with non-Roman languages?
Yes, EndNote version 8 and on support Unicode, but previous versions do not.

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Can I share my EndNote files with others over the Web?
ISI Researchsoft used to have a program called Reference Web Poster. However, since they made web publishing part of another product, Reference Manager, they no longer sell or support Reference Web Poster. See the User's Guide for Traveling Library information on file sharing.
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How do I transfer an existing reference list to EndNote?
If you have a list of references in word processor format, EndNote suggests several options for transferring them to an EndNote library: (1) create a custom tagged format to Import into EndNote (for more information, under the EndNote Help menu, see Contents--Importing Reference Data--Creating Text files EndNote can Import--Section on Creating a Custom Tagged Format); or (2) copy/paste each part of each reference into its corresponding field in an EndNote record template.

A better option may be to search your references in a database and import them to EndNote.
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Who can I contact for help?
General questions about EndNote can be directed to EndNote Technical Support. Check out the EndNote Forums. There's also an archive of messages from the forums and the previous mailing list, hosted by Adept Scientific, that you can search.

WUSTL users can contact the library with questions about connecting to the WU Library Catalog and WU Library databases.
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Most of the information on the page is adapted from EndNote Help Page, created and maintained at the Yale University Library.